Stand Up For Health

Varidesk WorkFor the past two years my mission has been to aim for better health and invest in things that will help me overcome chronic muscle tension and its associated tendonitis, bursitis, and general aches and pain-itis. My latest investment was a VARIDESK Pro Plus ($350 plus $50 shipping). I sit way too much, both at the computer and in my rocker recliner, and I’m confident this product will help me get my butt out of the chair.

At work, about 30 of my co-workers use these stand-up desk units, and so far all but one like them. This is a nice system – it comes fully assembled, is sturdy and is super easy to transition between sitting and standing. One tip to make that transition seamless is to use a wireless keyboard and mouse. Another essential component is to use a good anti-fatigue mat. At work I use the one from VARIDESK, and at home I use the Imprint CumulusPRO

An article in the Washington Post shared comments from supporters and opponents of the stand-up revolution. Opponents referred to the downfalls of standing all day. But I don’t think the point is to stand all day. VARIDESK has a free timekeeper app to remind users when to switch between sitting and standing; in the app, the maximum setting for stand time is one hour.

The news is filled with reports about the dangers of a sedentary lifestyle and how sitting is the new smoking when it comes to ill health effects. If this desk can help me stand at least 1-2 extra hours each day, if not more, I’ll consider it a wise investment in my health. After two weeks of use, it’s already generating good returns.


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