Polaris Slingshot – It’s Like a Puppy (or a kitten)

Polaris SlingshotThe first time I saw the Polaris Slingshot on the local news last fall, I was smitten with its crazy Batmobile looks and the sheer joy its test riders were experiencing. This spring I took one out for a test drive, and when I started writing poetry about it (see below), I had a feeling one would be sitting in my garage sooner rather than later.

After reviewing one of the owner’s forums (www.slingshotforums.com), I was nervous about all the reported maintenance issues. Common sense lost out, and my wild side went for it. I picked up my base model over Memorial weekend. As of today, I’ve put on 1,500 miles.

The best way I can describe this first-year model Slingshot is that it’s like a puppy (or a kitten). If it wasn’t so darn cute and fun, I’d be ready to strangle it. I’m a low maintenance person, and I like low maintenance toys. My 1998 Kawasaki 1500 Vulcan Classic has been as reliable as they come. The Slingshot has already been in the shop twice (three out of the first nine weeks I’ve owned it), and it’s waiting for backordered parts and needs to go back in again to have the rear bearings and rear axle replaced (this is a big topic on the owner’s forum).

It’s incredibly fun to drive and certainly gets a lot of attention with its radical styling and because there are so few on the road. How long I keep it remains to be seen. I’m hoping Polaris can get some of these initial design/quality kinks worked out and get a better grip on inventory management (two weeks waiting for a common GM clutch part?!).

Here’s the poem that had me in a knot about buying a Slingshot:

Slingshot – Y Knot

Slingshot, Slingshot
A toy, you toy with me

Racecar engine under your hood
Motorcycle, misunderstood
Unisex misfit of the
Vehicle race

Shapely figure from the front
Draws double-takes and looky-loos
Ballsy Batmobile bravado
Butt, no junk in your trunk

Slingshot, Slingshot
A toy, you toy with me

One look, one road test rendezvous
Ah yes, we’ve met, I remember you
Pedal to the metal, not missing a beat
My spirit was born in your driver’s seat

A drone of voices in my head
It’s dangerous, not practical
But, hey, I’m overdosed on practical
My remedy: Fly free, bundle of energy

Slingshot, Slingshot
A toy, you toy with me

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