Family Camping Weekend — Our Queen for a Day

Edna in WagonWe had another enjoyable family camping weekend this fall. As usual, the bonfires were cozy and the food was delicious. And, of course, it’s always great to catch up with family. Activities included a hay wagon ride, a nature scavenger hunt and a rousing Ranger relay race that included super soakers and water balloons, both of which were not always aimed at the intended inanimate targets. A highlight of the weekend was the crowning of Aunt Edna as Queen for a Day.

Edna is my 99-year-old great aunt, my grandma Mary’s older sister. She has a strong “gotta keep moving” attitude, and she is flexible enough to bend over and touch the floor flat-handed, something I can only dream of doing. Edna basically raised Grandma Danson (their mother died at a young age), and the crowning was a light-hearted way to thank her for what she did.

After a brief speech, Russ, who has always affectionately referred to Edna as “Egghead,” placed upon her head a homemade wooden tiara sporting three brightly colored plastic eggs. Next, he adorned her with a full-length fur coat that was passed on from Sue’s ancestors who wore it to keep warm while riding behind a team of horses. Russ said he knew Edna didn’t like new things, and thankfully the coat didn’t smell as old as it looked. After handing Edna a bouquet of flowers tied to an antique egg beater and a basket of wilted carrots and beets, he opened the garage door to reveal a tattered red carpet and steps that led to her chariot – an old horse wagon with a sturdy rocking chair in the middle. Edna bounded up the stairs and took her seat on the throne, laughing as hard as the rest of us.

It’s going to be hard to top this memorable ceremony. If she was Queen for a Day at 99, what’s in store for next year, when she’ll be 100? The pressure is on. But no need to fret about it now. As Edna always says, “One day at a time.”

Edna Queen for the Day











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